Fling into Spring Charcuterie Board

Putting your charcuterie board together….

  1. On a large platter or wooden board place sliced and quartered Boonderoo
    Farm pumpkin sourdough
  2. Place the Maison Renoux chicken and pork terrine on the
    board with a small dish of Gamila at Beechworth pickled cherries
  3. Paste some Blue Ox blueberry chutney on the other side of
    the terrine.
  4. Fill another small bowl with Stone Hill View Laughing Labrador extra virgin olive oil and place beside a bowl of Gamila at Beechworth Egyptian dukkha.
  5. Fill a second dipping bowl of olive oil, add a dash of Maison Renoux apple cider vinegar.
  6. Savour the rich flavours with some chilled Morrisons of Glenrowan Rose.

You may also like to consider adding some other products available in the Wangaratta Farmers Market to your Charcuterie Board…

Home Made by Annie’s delicate homemade pastes or a wedge of The Peaks Artisan Cheeses.

Or speak with Felix at Gamze Smokehouse about his smoked meats or Peter at Mountain Fresh Trout and Salmon Farm.

Dominic at Torcaso Produce can also offer some beautiful green leaves to adorn your board!

And if you don’t have a beautiful wooden board for entertaining, see Rachel and Doug at Warby Wood for a stunning piece you will cherish forever.

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