Our Seasons Market Trail

Winter Market Trail – August 2022

Hello and welcome to the first edition of Our Seasons! 

Over the next 8 days, you will be introduced to some beautiful producers and their produce as we make our way along the Our Seasons Winter Market Trail, finishing next Friday with a fun recipe you’ll be able to make from the fresh, seasonal ingredients grown and made by this month’s featured producers.

All of the ingredients will be available at our next Wangaratta Farmers Market on Saturday, 13 August, starting bright and early at 8am!

By way of introduction

To briefly introduce myself… my name is Jes Myers.

I am a co-owner of Edible Alchemy. We create handmade preserves and are still market newbies with just six under our belt.

I’ve been a chef for 20 years, working around Australia & the world, in most types & sizes of venues. Great restaurants, hatted restaurants, Michelin starred restaurants, industrial catering, pubs, cafes, bars…I’ve managed to fall into a little bit of everything. And I’ve been lucky to work with incredibly skilled & passionate chefs. That’s one of the connections for me and the farmers market, these guys are passionate about what they make and grow. It’s an energy I love to be around. 

Our access, to not just great local produce in the North East but access to the actual humans growing the produce – makes – cooking – so – eeeeasy. They will passionately tell you about what’s happening in the garden, what tastes great, what’s coming next and my favourite “You’ve got to try this weird thing I grew”… It definitely keeps you creative in the kitchen.

These are the people you’ll get to meet at the Wangaratta Farmers Market, they are always ready to share tips on what they make or grow and are a gold mine of interesting stories. 

So join me on Our Seasons Winter Market Trail over the next 8 days so I can introduce you to them!

Trail Stops…

This month we’re highlighting five products and the great producers behind them.

The featured ingredients we’re looking for are;

  • Pickled onions at Bucks Hill Farm
  • Orange amaretti at Joya Fine Foods
  • Smoked trout & salmon roe at Mountain Fresh Trout & Salmon Farm
  • Ruby red grapefruit at Cherrytime Orchard
  • Free-range eggs collected at Sprockets Eggs & Pullets

You’ll also need these ingredients for the final recipe.

See how many you can find at the Wangaratta Farmers Market!

  • Carrots
  • Kale
  • Honey
  • Oil
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Hot sauce
  • Garlic
  • Salt & pepper
  • Some soft herbs (parsley, chives, basil, dill – whichever you like best)
  • Chocolate
  • Cream
  • Sugar

Stop 1: Bucks Hill Farm

Rob and Kristy of Buck Hill Farm

First stop on the Our Season Winter Market Trail is to see brother and sister, Kristy and Rob from Bucks Hill Farm.

The humble pickled onion maybe a market staple but don’t miss out on Rob’s Pub Style Pickled Onions.

This sweet, crunchy, snacking onion with a malt vinegar tang is best accompanied by a beer – ‘pub style’!

I think the perfect way to include them in this month’s recipe is as mini pickled blooming onions!

Never heard of a blooming onion?

You cut an onion so it opens like a flower, crumb and deep fry them… so good.

This is a complete indulgence, and definitely worth the effort.

But if you’re pressed for time you can skip it and just slice them up.

Stop 2: Joya Fine Foods

Stop Number Two offers something sweet from Sicily…

Today, we’re talking about the stunning orange amaretti by Mattia from Joya Fine Foods.

An old family recipe from Sicily with a twist of orange, these sweet treats are ever present at celebrations and visits to the homes of loved ones.

Something made with this much love doesn’t need an offsider, but I have dark chocolate on the brain as I taste these little gems. The leftover egg whites from our dressing won’t be taking up space in the freezer today, because we’re making dark chocolate satin – a simple and classic chocolate mousse.

Luckily, I manage to stop ‘sampling’ the amaretti with enough left over to chaperone the mousse, and it was totally worth the wait.

Stop 3: Cherrytime Orchard

Joy and Russell, Cherrytime Orchard

Stop Number Three is ‘classic farmers market’, glorious vegetables, authentic preserves and smiling faces.

At Cherrytime Orchards, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting Joy and Russell.

Growing great produce is a family tradition for Russell who has been growing vegetables since he could walk, and it shows in the quality of the produce.

I was heading to Cherrytime to try their ruby red grapefruit (which did not disappoint), and also ended up walking away with some red limes, or Australian blood limes.

They’re a cross between an acid mandarin and a native finger lime – I had to grab them, even though I don’t yet know what I’m going to do with them.

However I do know that we’re going to use beautiful segments of the ruby red grapefruit to make our dish extra pretty and help cut through the fat.

Click here to learn more about Cherrytime Orchard !

Stop 4: Mountain Fresh Trout and Salmon Farm

Stop Number Four is Mountain Fresh Trout & Salmon Farm.

This – smoked – trout – is – so – good!

After having the opportunity to talk to Pete and Sally, not only did I learn that they started the farm to support their son who was studying aquaponics, but I also learnt that they milk their salmon by hand for their amazing salmon roe…big beautiful vibrant pearls that add an instant wow factor to any dish they land on.

So now we are not only going to show off Peter and Sally’s smoked trout in our recipe, but we also had to pick up some of that beautiful roe.

How to find our featured Our Seasons producers this Saturday?

Look for the Our Seasons flags flying along our Market Trail or ask our friendly Market Guides!

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