Our Producers & Makers

Our local producers and makers are all located within a 100kms radius of Wangaratta. This makes our market truly unique and reflects the incredible diversity of our regional food ecosystem.

Product availability changes with the seasons and the harvests.

Explore the full list of local stallholders who regularly attend our monthly market.

Local Producers

ASK for Gralic

ASK for Garlic

Chemical free garlic grown in Wangaratta. Hard neck and soft neck varieties.

Beechworth Berries

Beechworth Berries

Here at Beechworth Berries we are more than just the end product, it’s your experience that fulfils us most and we love to see your smiles and hear your stories. You can find us at our farm gate or at our local Farmers Markets, with U-Pick or pre-picked options. We cater for all and can’t wait to see you.

Produce and availability:

  • Strawberries available October through to June
  • Raspberries available mid November through to June
  • Blackberries available December and January
Boonderoo Bread

Boonderoo Bread

The Bakery products are based on Bohemian heritage and try to maximise the nutritional value of excellent ingredients. From milling to finished product in 24 – 36 hours, hardly time for the flour to oxidise and loose vital vitamins. We do not need to add vitamins and folate, we leave them in there in the first place !


Bucks Hill Farm

Coming Soon.

Blue Ox Berries

Blue Ox Berries

Blue Ox Berries is a small family farm in the beautiful village of Oxley. We grow raspberries, boysenberries, blackberries and blueberries. Our berries are all hand picked for you and are available fresh in season, from December to March, and frozen all year round.

Cherrytime Orchard

Cherrytime Orchard is located in Wangandary Road, 10 minutes west of Wangaratta, on the eastern slopes of the Warby Range. We specialise in growing cherries. We also grow six varieties of berries. Berries and Cherries are available during November and December.

Our orchard and vegetable garden produce various fruit and vegetables in season. Our range of vegetables includes onions, garlic, leeks, parsley, carrots, broccoli, beetroot, cauliflower, corn and pumpkin.

Freshly picked fruit from our orchard includes apples, quinces, apricots, nashi fruit, peaches, tangelos, limes, lemons, ruby grapefruit, table grapes, passionfruit and blood oranges.

Joy uses the fruit grown on our orchard to make jams, jellies, marmalades and dessert syrups.

Cloud 9 Coffee

Cloud 9 Coffee

Cloud9Coffee (Sue Matheson and Don Maling) is a mobile coffee provider based in Chiltern.

We have been providing coffee in the border region since the year 2000. Our support for the environment started with Fair Trade coffee in the early years and offering ceramic cups and keep cups for the last couple of years. We love making coffee and sharing what we have learnt by training young people who want lifetime practical skills.

We started with full cream milk and the occasional light milk now we offer many alternatives. Our customers at Farmers Markets we meet as friends in many places and share the people side of farmers’ markets, shows and council events by providing good coffee, chocolate, teas and chai in all weathers.

Dawn View Olive Oil

Dawn View Olive Oil is a family owned business based in the beautiful King Valley.

We sell Extra Virgin Oil Olive which we process ourselves and honey. We make value added products using the bees wax from the honey and our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Some of the handmade products we make are Leather & Timber Enhancer (polish), Unisex Natural Lip Balm, Unisex Natural Body Balm plus more.

We are proud to have supported the Wangaratta Farmers Market from the very beginning. We are strong believers in shopping local and supporting each other wherever possible.

Edible Alchemy

We are passionate chefs & avid gardeners, who love to work with the produce we grow. Over the years we have developed our skills in preserving & cant wait to share our favorites with you!

Our live ferment range is brought to you by the process of lacto-fermentation. These unpasteurised & unadulterated products are, like all our products are made with 100% Australian produce.

Eldorado Olive Oil

Coming soon!

Frances Cecil Farm

We are a teeny tiny flower farm situated on the land of the Bpangerang people (Wangaratta). Our farm utilises a no-till, organic approach to growing. Soil health and regeneration are a heavy focus at our farm (which is essentially fancy speak for leaving soil in a better state than we found it). 

We sell our flowers directly from the farm through a seasonal bouquet subscription, farmers markets and are a stockist for select local florists. Our bright pink little flower cart also pops up outside our farmgate from time to time.

Gamila at Beechworth

Gamila is a 12 acre farm in Beechworth specialising in growing table olives and saffron. 

Saffron growing is half art, half science and a little dose of luck. It is generally agreed in all the traditional saffron countries, Iran, Spain, Kashmir, that some families have the knack and some don’t. I’m hoping we are a family with the knack; coming into our ninth season I think we might just be.

Gamze Smokehouse

If you are looking for an all-natural product free from unnecessary food additives then our smallgoods are for you! We do not use a chemical sodium nitrite (250) in the curing process, replacing all commonly used chemical ingredients with natural alternatives so to eliminate any E numbers. At Gamze Smokehouse we believe in using locally grown ingredients, low food miles and making everything by hand in small batches.

Glutenfree Baker

Coming soon.

Heirloom Naturally

Heirloom Naturally specialises in growing old fashioned, nutrient dense vegetables and microgreens that not only taste great but are visually stunning too. Nurtured by hand from heirloom seed, grown in the field utilising organic principles and hand harvested to order, this is how fresh, regional produce really tastes.

Herry’s Harvest

Herry’s Harvest, located 5 minutes from the Wangaratta CBD, produce a wide range of seasonal vegetables throughout the entire year.

Springs’ spinach, carrots and beetroots. Kale and cabbages, pumpkin and peas abound in the autumn and Winter. Summers’ offering of tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers and new s– you will find the satisfaction of all your fresh vegetable yearnings growing just five minutes out of Wangaratta at Herry’s Harvest.

We are a small farm where people-power and natural methods of food production mingle with a small-economy paradigm in order to raise up nourishing crops for local distribution at a fair price.

Homemade by Annie

Homemade by Annie is my small business that started over 7 years ago. Living on 5 acres in North East Victoria the potential to grow my ingredients and fulfil my own garden grown needs has led to where I am today. My garden is constantly expanding with the support of my Husband and Family! I grow whatever I can and anything I can’t (or haven’t planned yet) I source from as close to home as possible.

Joya Fine Foods

The joy and smiles on my family and friends’ faces, taking obvious pleasure in my little handmade morish delights, is where it all started. With my Sicilian heritage close to my heart and passion for cooking great food, I took the plunge to turn a dream and 30+ years of experience into Joya.

My Sicilian inspired recipes, starting with amaretti and biscotti, are now being enjoyed by my community in Mt Beauty, Myrtleford, Beechworth, Wodonga and Albury. The dream continues, collaborating with chosen partners and spreading my wings nationally and internationally.

Kerry Craig Blueberries

Coming soon.

King Valley Walnuts

King Valley Walnuts owned by Mike Burston and Carol Kunert is a family business located at Myrrhee with 4000 walnut trees. It has won many food awards for its produce.

Carol and Mike sell walnuts in the shell, and a range of value added products such as walnut oil, spiced nuts, pickled walnuts, walnut flour and walnut butter available to both retail and wholesale customers.

This year they received a 2019 Australian Food Award Gold medal for their walnut kernel.

Louisa Morris Cakes

Our products are handmade made in small batches in Wahgunyah North East Victoria using French Inspired techniques & a few learned from loved family members & from chefs I’ve worked with along the way.


We use premium ingredients from local farmers, local small producers, Australian producers & some imported products that can’t be sourced in Australia. Including Woodstock Organics Berrigan, Chambers Rosewood Rutherglen, St Davids dairy butter & cream & Goodlookin Googies for the most delicious eggs.

Milawa Bread

Taste the passion of chef, winemaker and baker Adam Rivett who started Milawa Bread with a Queen Trust grant over 20 years ago. Most of his adventures were in France and with his French wife, they love attending the Wangaratta Farmers Market.

You can find them too on the grounds of the Cheese Factory at their café The Milawa Kitchen for more small batch, slow fermented breads and pastries.

Michel Renoux

Michel Renoux grew up in the small village of Saint-Sulpice-la-Foret in the heart of Brittany’s cider country. Michel grows his own varieties of apples and hand crafts his vinegars in his cellar in Stanley which houses rows of 1000 litre tanks of cider being transformed into vinegar by the ‘mother’ which is a jelly like mass that floats on top of the cider. It consists of a thick web of acetic acid bacteria which protects the vinegar below from oxidising, creating a beautifully sharp vinegar with surprising sweetness

Michel’s vinegars range from apple cider vinegar to pommo which is a darker, sweeter vinegar made from caramelised apples and then a much darker almost black vinegar called l’aigre-doux which is deliberately burnt turning the sugar of the apples black and creating a distinct sweet and sour taste which he explains is not appealing to look at but has a fantastic flavour.

Mountain Fresh Trout and Salmon Farm

Mountain Fresh Trout and Salmon Farm

Mountain Fresh Trout and Salmon Farm.

Molyullah Avocados

Molyullah Avocados

Organic avocados from Molyullah.

Murmungee Basin Produce

Murmungee Basin Produce

We’re excited about providing fresh, seasonal, nutrient-dense and chemical-free produce to the local community.

We grow great tasting veggies using organic and regenerative methods and have a particular love for working towards maximum soil health and plant nutrition.


Located on the banks of the majestic Murray River, in the rich fertile soils of Northern Victoria is Australia’s only solely dedicated Nashi farm. The fruit is used to produce a unique range of delicious juices and exquisite fruit wines. The Nashi juices are deliciously refreshing and all natural with no added sugar or preservatives, a fusion of fantastic flavour and nutritional benefits.

Ninn’s Pantry

Ninn’s Pantry

Preserves and confectionary. Family recipes handed down through the generations. All natural. No Preservatives. Local Ingredients. Sold at local farmers markets and online.

Ovens Farm

Keen gardeners and neighbours Steve & Carly simplify the process of growing your own veggies for you by providing seedlings in a spray-free environment, and handing them over to you in a fully biodegradable pot, to plant straight into your garden.

Pasta Adele

Our handmade pasta originated from the rustic traditions of Valli Del Pasubio, a region of Vicenza in Northern Italy, homeland of my mother Adele who came to Australia in 1950. Handmade at our property, situated at the foot of Paradise Falls in the small hamlet of Cheshunt, in the King Valley wine region of North East Victoria. Our pasta is made using only natural ingredients, whole free range eggs and durum wheat flour, proudly containing no artificial preservatitives, colours or flavouring. It is hung and allowed to dry naturally, giving it a longer shelf life.

Sprockets Eggs and Pullets

Sprocket’s Free Range Eggs and Pullet Grower Farm is situated near the small township of Thoona, in North East Victoria.

We use ethical farming practices to grow our free ranging hens from day old to point of lay and beyond. We provide our customers with top quality, fresh eggs from happy, healthy hens. Get crackin’!

The Peaks Cheese

Our goal is simple: To make beautiful cheese from the highest quality local milk. Both our cows and goats milks are sourced from a single small organic farm in the Kiewa Valley, traditional dairy country amongst the most sustainable in Australia due to its high rainfall and quality soil. Single source milk means minimal processing and maximum freshness for us – attributes fundamental to producing quality cheese.


Our cheeses are manufactured by hand using traditional methods then matured in our cellars. Like all fermented foods, cheese is a living thing and, as such, our focus is on providing environments where specific microbes can create desirable flavors and textures.

Torcaso Produce

Torcaso Produce

Coming soon!

Warby Range Citrus

Warby Range Citrus is a 4th Generation Citrus Farm located in the Warby Ranges, South Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia. The Great Grandparents planted the orange, lemon and grapefruit trees over 100 years ago, and always ran the orchards organically, despite organic certification only being formally applied for and granted in more recent years.

Walkabout Apiaries

All family members are involved in the different aspects of the business whether we are rearing queen bees, harvesting honey, producing beeswax candles or Mead. On market days it is all hands on deck and the Grandchildren often get involved too.

Bees have taught us to be a close family, to work harmoniously and productively to meet our collective goals. They have taught us patience, provided reward in good seasons and offered solace in hard years. Our bees are the greatest teachers in our lives and a daily link to the environment in which we live.

Woodland Gourmet Mushrooms

Amongst the foot hills of Victorias’ High country, yet still in the renowned Milawa Gourmet Region & settled snugly in the picturesque Carboor valley, is Woodland Gourmet Mushrooms. Established in 2018.

Owned & farmed by Glen & Anthea Mitchell, we are a small scale mushroom farm, specializing in gourmet and exotic varieties. We are passionate about sustainability and regenerative farming practices, about localizing food networks, minimising food mileage and strengthening our local economy.

Whitlands Blueberries

Our blueberry plants were first planted in 1976 by Laurel and Kevin Croucher in the beautiful high country of North-East Victoria at Whitlands. At the time planting blueberries was the ‘new fad’ and many other people put them in too, but over time we found our cool climate and mild summers meant that our berries ripened later and had a superior flavour, thus we are now entering our fourth decade as premium blueberry growers.

In season from January to April.

Local Makers

Creative Collective

Coming soon.

Felt Designs

Coming soon.

Made in Clay

Made in Clay is the Pottery School and Studio of local ceramic artist Cathy Oddie whose work is available for sale.

Stone Hill View

Stone Hill View is an Australian country lifestyle brand and farming business located in Regional Victoria, Australia. Our foundations come from the simple idea that if we love it and use it…there must be others that will love it and use it just as much as us.

We love designing, manufacturing and sourcing products that are not only beautiful, but are truly functional. With an uncompromising commitment to quality, you can be assured that the only reason an item makes our product range is because we use it ourselves

Warby Wood

Up in the Warby Ranges above Wangaratta, wood craftsman Doug McGregor carefully examines each and every piece of timber.
He has his own small scale timber mill and works with his daughter, a designer, to make a range of exquisite handmade homewares.

Carved from local hardwood timbers they source from the region including she oak, white cedar, blackwood, ironbark and cypress pine. Doug makes cheese boards, pizza paddles, rolling pins, chopping boards, tapas boards, jewellery boxes, and beautifully carved salad bowls.


Boomerang Bags

Re-useable shopping bags hand made by volunteers using preloved materials. Boomerang Bags are a sustainable alternative to plastic shopping bags.

Wang Repair Café

Repair Cafés are all about repairing things (together). Join our skilled volunteers who can teach you how to fix broken household items for free. We aim to reduce waste to landfill, teach valuable life skills, and revive a sharing community spirit!

Wangaratta U3A

U3As are voluntary Seniors’ Groups that provide educational, recreational and social programs. Each U3A is organised by and for people who can best be described as being active in retirement or semi-retirement, the third age of our lives.

U3A Wangaratta was established over 35 years ago as one of the first, if not the first, U3A in regional Victoria. Our Mission is to provide opportunities for seniors to learn, teach, share and to give support to each other in a friendly and warm environment, regardless or ethnicity, religion, or ability.

Wangaratta Landcare & Sustainability

Passionate volunteers who support projects and activities that care for the environment that sustains us.

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