Heirloom Naturally

Heirloom Naturally specialises in growing old fashioned, nutrient dense vegetables and microgreens that not only taste great but are visually stunning too. Nurtured by hand from heirloom seed, grown in the field utilising organic principles and hand harvested to order, this is how fresh, regional produce really tastes.

Recognising the key to growing amazing vegetables lies in the quality of the soil, Simone Boyd and her husband Cam began the process of building living soil on their Mansfield property in February 2017. Starting with what was previously an overgrazed plot of land with almost non existent top soil, on a bed of mud stone, there was much work to be done. An ongoing commitment to no till, no tractor and no synthetic inputs ensures a living and vibrant soil structure, which in turn produces top quality, nutritious and unique vegetables.

“Now that brings back memories – I haven’t tasted carrots like this since I was a kid.” Phil C

“It’s so easy to get my children to eat your veggies. They are so colourful.” Amanda C

“I’m amazed at how long your produce stays fresh.” Kerrie D

“My son started devouring your snow peas as soon as we got into the car. What remains will go into his lunch box on Monday.” Victoria B


This is small scale farming at its best. Looking forward to meeting you at the market.

Simone Boyd