Cherrytime Orchard

Cherrytime Orchard is located in Wangandary Road, 10 minutes west of Wangaratta, on the eastern slopes of the Warby Range.

As our name suggests we specialise in growing cherries.  We also grow six varieties of berries.

Berries and Cherries  are available during November and December.

Our orchard and vegetable garden produce various fruit and vegetables in season.

Our range of vegetables includes onions, garlic, leeks, parsley, carrots, broccoli, beetroot, cauliflower, corn and pumpkin.

Freshly picked fruit from our orchard includes apples, quinces, apricots, nashi fruit, peaches, tangelos, limes, lemons, ruby grapefruit, table grapes, passionfruit and blood oranges.

Joy uses the fruit grown on our orchard to make jams, jellies, marmalades and dessert syrups.

Three amazing products we sell are our home-made tomato sauce, elderflower cordial and Wildly Wicked Warby Dessert Syrup (made from our Brambleberries).

Most of what we grow and make is sold at the Wangaratta Farmers’ Market in  season.